19th Annual Smith & Wesson
International Revolver Championship
June 4-6, 2010
Hogue Action Pistol Range, San Luis Obispo, CA

The IRC welcomes our Premier Sponsors


Become an IRC Sponsor
Click on the link to download a pdf application.

IRC Match application is now available. Click on the link to download a pdf. "Early Bird" fee deadline is 1 April. Follow the link below to mail an application. Postmarked by 1 April qualifies for the reduced fee.
IRC Match information is also available. Click on the link to download a pdf with the match information and logistics.

We are filled out on Range Officers at this time. We are accepting no more applications for CRO or RO after 3 May.


Hogue Challenge: Far & Near Standards returns to the IRC with a $1000 cash award for a "zero" score. Standards will be shot as clock time instead of par time so the dreaded overtime shot is not a factor. Clock time means you have as much time as needed to get all your rounds on the targets. Standards will be shot in a regular rotation with colored X centers. All competitors scoring zero or minus on Standards will split the $1000 prize.

The IRC welcomes our Premier Sponsors that have generously contributed cash in addition to merchandise.

Cash Prizes courtesy of our Premier Sponsors: Top 3 finishers in Limited and Open will receive cash awards of $1000, $500, and $250, respectively and walk the table.

Juniors: All Juniors are eligible for a single free entry. Juniors that choose to shoot a second gun will be required to pay the Second Gun entry fee. Juniors taking the free entry will not be eligible for a firearm and will have a special prize table. Juniors that pay full entry fee will be eligible for the regular prize table.

Trophies: Awarded for all ICORE classes and special categories. This year will see the first appearance of the new Retro Division, a 6-shot, speedloader-only division that recognizes ICORE's roots.

Trophy Guns: Top finishers in Limited, Open, Retro, High Lady and High Junior will receive special trophy firearms custom engraved by Smith & Wesson. Only the first gun score will count for the Trophy Gun.

Prize Table: Awarded by Division after trophies are awarded. If you are fortunate to choose a firearm from the prize table, you must be a current ICORE member to claim it. Renewals and new memberships are available at the match on Thursday through Saturday.

Raffle: A raffle will be held on Sunday to award 2 guns, a RCBS reloader and a Shooting Chrony chronograph along with numerous other prizes. Tickets will be available throughout the match for a nominal fee.

Sunday Shoot-off: This year the shoot-off will be a team pairing of junior shooters and top open/limited shooters using a random draw. Shoot-off will be 2 of 3 wins, single elimination.

Second Gun: Entries are again welcome at a reduced fee of $100. A shooter choosing to shoot two guns must shoot the entire match with the First Gun on Friday and repeat the entire match on Saturday with the Second Gun. Only First Guns are eligible for Class/Division trophies. All guns are eligible for Special Categories. If you have a Match Disqualification with the First Gun, you may not shoot the Second Gun and your second gun entry fee is forfeited. If you have a Match Disqualification with your Second Gun, your First Gun score will stand.

NewHats and Shirts: Special embroidered polo shirts and hats are available. The entry form has been updated. If you entered without choosing the advance purchase, contact Rich Richards to reserve a hat or shirt.


Range Officers: Full time ROs will shoot the entire match with Range Master Dan Hall on Thursday. Full time ROs will pay no match fee and will receive a $100 appreciation gift at the completion of the match. Part time ROs will work one half day on Friday/Saturday and shoot the match with a regular squad. Part time RO fee is $100. Check the appropriate box on the IRC Application and choose a shirt size. All working ROs will be placed in a drawing for a firearm. Range Master and full-time ROs will receive 2 tickets; part-time ROs will receive 1 ticket.

Classifier Match: Will be available on Thursday, June 3. You may shoot it for practice or to improve your existing classification.

Side Matches: Ruger has donated two 22/45™ rimfire pistols for a side match. The top score will win one of the pistols and the second will be by random drawing from all the participants.

Foreign Competitors: You may request a special Letter of Invitation by sending a request to the . Please allow at least 2 weeks from request to need date due to international postal times. A post-match Certification of Competition letter is also available if needed. Foreign competitors must also complete and submit an ATF F 5330.3D (Form 6 NIA) - Application and Permit fo Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens. The form is available on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives website at: www.atf.gov/firearms/guides/importation-verification/policy-procedure-forms-importation.html.

Round Count: Maximum round count will not exceed 300. Round count will be updated after stages are finalized.

Ammunition Shipments: If you need to ship ammo due to weight restrictions on air travel, Art Leach will accept shipment and deliver to the match on or before Thursday morning. Please allow adequate time for shipping. ICORE assumes no responsibility for ammunition shipments that arrive later than Wednesday, June 2. Ship to:

Art Leach
1302 17th St.
Los Osos, CA 93402

Ammunition Purchase: Art has reserved a supply of Federal "red box" .38 Special for local purchase. Other calibers may be available on request. Contact Art at postal mail above or at 805-801-0973 or ircprize@gmail.com.

Lunch: Two lunches are included in the entry fee. Sunday lunch at the awards ceremony will be chicken and a vegetarian option. The remaining lunch may be used either Friday or Saturday at the competitor's choice.

Camping: Camping will be available at the Black Powder range a fee of $15 per night. Dry camping only - limited electrical available for medical purposes only.


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